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MEF University Technology Transfer Office

TTO (Technology Transfer Office)

Technology Transfer Offices and Centers, which have been operating all over the world for years, started to be established in universities in our country for the first time in 2010s and generally started to serve within the scope of TUBITAK's support program. 

 Technology Transfer Offices are defined as a value chain that enables transferring technology transfer, skills, knowledge and technologies from researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to the society, which creates an economic value that mutually benefits society and universities.

Since they serve within the scope of TÜBİTAK program, the organizational structure and the methodology of service are shaped within the main structure of the program.
This structure consists of five modules and serves three different audiences.. While audiences served are defined as Academic Staff, Students and Business World; service modules are Visibility, Academic Projects, University-Industry Cooperation, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Entrepreneurship modules.

MEFTTO - Technology Transfer Office was established in January 2020 in order to transform the information and technology within our University into new value-added applications and commercial outputs.

In this context, our goals are;
-To contribute to the definition of R&D strategies in our university;
- To work in accordance with the R&D policies and strategies of our university;
- To organize trainings, seminars, workshops and similar activities
- To support projects preparation, application, execution and monitoring in order to promote national and international R&D funds within our university and to benefit from these funds more;
-To contribute to the development of the project writing and management culture;
- To cooperate with the public and private sector regarding R&D and innovation;
- To provide promotional, informative and educational services on technology transfer issues within and outside the University;
- On the university and industry side, to develop university and industry cooperation; to carry out analysis, promotion, activity and similar works that reveal their potential, opportunities and similar and also to mediate contracted projects;
- To protect the produced information and inventions within the scope of intellectual property and put them into practice;
- To provide intra-university company and entrepreneurship services and support in this context;
- To prepare working environments in which there are national / international stakeholders (such as domestic/ foreign companies and universities) by working in collaboration with the Technology Transfer Offices of international universities.
- To carry out information activities on intellectual and industrial property rights in order to protect the information created as a result of R&D studies.


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